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CashTraka - Simple Cash Management

CashTraka is a one-stop tool for any small to medium business, managing every cash-related task simply and efficiently. Multiple users can track clients and project expenditure, create your own branded invoices, record your time, create income / expense transactions - all integrated into a simple to use accounting and reporting system.


Invoices and reports can be branded so your company can produce bills, invoices and reports exclusively for your customers and clients. If you have mutlitple users in your office, security levels can be set that determine the level of access.

Download the help guide now to view all features! 

The current feature list includes:

 * Client Relationship Management (Client details, mail merge, document linking, invoice tracking)

 * Project Maintenance (Different rates for different clients for different skills)

 * Time Recording (current, outstanding, paid and non-chargeable records)

 * Invoicing (Tailored invoices, automatic generation, invoice tracking, accounting integration)

 * Accounting (Adaptable chart of accounts, transaction type creation, expense and income transactions)



As a modular tool, you can choose which features you require: