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The easy way to manage your Carbon Footprint!!!


What is it? A simple tool that calculates, reduces and tracks your personal carbon emissions. One copy is licensed for up to 4 users per household.


What is a Carbon Footprint? A Carbon Footprint is a measurement of the impact our activities have on the environment, in particular global warming.

Why is it important? We are producing too many Greenhouse gases (primarily Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide), which have started to lead to increased temperatures and higher sea levels. The UK government has released the Climate Change Bill committing the UK to an 80% reduction in emissions by the year 2050; everyone has a social responsibility to help this happen by taking simple measures to reduce their Greenhouse gas emissions. 

How is it different to other Carbon Calculators? My Carbon Controller © is not just a carbon calculator – it is a one-stop centre for calculating, reducing and tracking your carbon emissions. These calculations are specific to the user’s country, highlighting the different energy mixes that different countries use. Additionally, the program has been specifically designed for ease-of-use.


What countries does it work in?My Carbon Controller can calculate carbon footprints in Guernsey, Jersey and the United Kingdom. The tips for reducing carbon emissions are universal!


What does it do? Household, transport and holiday data from the user is used to calculate total carbon emissions produced in one year. Targeted tips about how to reduce this are suggested, and if the user implements these suggestions they can update their data and track any progress made


How is it packaged? A CD containing the software to install on your desktop is packaged in 100% recycled cardboard. Alternatively the eco-friendly version will soon be downloadable from