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CashTraka - Simple Cash Management

CashTraka is a one-stop tool for any small to medium business - managing each every-day task simply and efficiently. You can track clients and contact relationships, create your own branded invoices, record your time - all integrated into a simple to use accounting and reporting system.


Invoices and reports can be branded so your company can produce bills, invoices and reports exclusively for your customers and clients. If you have mutlitple users in your office, security levels can be set that determin the level of access. 


A simple time management system can be tied in to an equally understandable invoicing and accounting system



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Name Checker
Fuzzy matching highlights contacts, bank accounts and other entities in any database to various globally recognised sources of "threat lists"; including black-listed jurisdictions; terrorist suspects and banned investments. A must for Compliance departments!
Data Migrator
A re-useable tool that allows companies to map their own data from one system to another. Whether your source database is Excel, Access, SQL, CSV, TXT, you can create migration templates to migrate data into virtually any target database.
My Carbon Controller©
The simple way to calculate, reduce and track our Carbon Footprint!